Committed to providing the simple skills of happiness and love. 

Specializing in relationships, anger, depression, anxiety, truama, self-worth, friendships and bullying.

Focusing on your personal strengths to successfully create a life you love, while leaving you feeling honored and respected for the valuable person you are and the gifts you bring to the world.

Initial FREE 30 minute consultation available.  Find out if this is the right place you to get the help you are looking for! 

Does your child struggle with friendships at school?
Are you and your child struggling to get along?
Is your child causing division between you and your spouse, or trouble for siblings?
Is your child struggling with self-esteem and self-confidence?
Have you wondered if your child is depressed?
Does your child struggle with anxiety, worry or perfectionism? 
Does your child act out when angry?
Does your child avoid going to school, or 'melt-down' when having to go to school?

As a parent, have you wondered;
How do I get my child to behave/mind/follow instructions?  

If you can relate to these questions or answered yes to some of them,  you've come to the right place.  Parents come to me with questions like these and I help them find practical, realistic solutions and answers and work. Counseling can help! 
     In her twenty years providing counseling and therapy, Sherry Lewis has devised strategies to help people of all ages overcome challenges and trauma, to fulfill their potential and live their dreams. Sherry teaches people coping mechanisms to help them resolve all problems, anxiety, anger, and depression leading them to a higher quality of life.

I'm committed to:
Empowering people:

         * to identify & use your strengths
         * to powerfully solve problems & move past personal limitations
         * to have enjoyable, fulfilling, rewarding, relationships
         * to live a life you love! 


Do you feel empowered or have you lost your sense of personal power? 

What are your problem areas of life? 
How do you hold on to the powerful times? 
How do you not let the low points become overwhelming? 


To identify and use your strengths:

    We live in a world where our weaknesses and failures are consistently identified, but how often do we identify our strengths?  It’s not our weaknesses that will propel us to success, it’s mobilizing our strengths.  This can only happen if we are clear on what they are.

     It is one thing to identify one’s strengths, and another to be able to use them in new areas that we’ve not thought of before.  It makes all the difference to have an outside view to see those gaps and help bridge them with our very own strengths.  It builds self-esteem, sense of competence and capableness. 


To solve problems and remove barriers:

     Are you falling short of your goals and good intentions? 
Falling short of our goals and our good intentions is not because of lack of desire, but often it’s because of unexpected barriers to our success and problems we’ve tried to solve, but are still there.  

    What if you had help to use your very own strengths to successfully resolve those, freeing you to move forward.  That’s what I do.  

    I support you in busting through obstacles and achieving your goals, teaching you strategies to over come our life’s barriers! I will provide you with the TOOLS that will assist you to achieve your life goals.  


To create success in life and in relationships:

     What is success to you?  Our society has defined it as monetary excess.  But that doesn’t bring with it internal happiness, sense of fulfillment, joy, or belonging.  So what is success?  How do you define success? 

What will bring you happiness, fulfillment, joy and contentment? That is what we want our lives to be about! That is what I help you create, be empowered to solve any problem or barrier by using your personal strengths, and to relish in the experience of it all.