Frequently Asked Questions


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Would my child benefit from this class?
All people struggle, at some time in their life, with friendships. 
With some basic skills, coaching, & practice they can transform their ability to make and keep friends.  
Part of the benefit of this class is the opportunity to address friendship issues with other kids
Types of kids that benefit from Secrets of Friendship
* Social kids, struggling with friends
* Bossy kids 
* Extroverted, overly friendly
* Kids with Anxiety 
* Shy or withdrawn kids
* Lonely or left out kids
* High functioning PDD kids
* ADHD kids
* Bullied or Bullies
My Kid is resistant to attending
Many kids are unsure about beginning a friendship class, but once they give it a try, they're glad they did.   If that describes you, consider trying it out to see what you think.