Alternatives to Anger

Alternatives to Anger


Does your child need
Strategies to deal with Anger?


Get the Tools to deal with Anger Constructively!

Kids will:

Identify Anger Triggers

  • Anger Boundaries
  • Learn the Anger Rules
  • Clarify the Costs of hurtful behaviors
  • Develop a C.O.P. (chill out plan)
  • Learn how Anger can be Helpful
  • Practice Positive Problem Solving Strategies
  • Accepting No. Dealing with Frustration
  • Practical Ideas & Strategies
  • Put tools in your toolbox to deal with Anger!
Intervene in the Anger Cycle!

Classes includes:
* 5 sessions, 1 1/2 hours
* Total 7 1/2 contact hours
* Small class size, individual attention
* Student workbook, parent handout, snacks, other items.
* Cost = less than $21. per hour
Regular Tuition: Early Registration:
$185. week of class $ 165. one week prior to class
Family members:
1stmember regular price 2nd member 1/2 price $ 135.
(for same class)

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