Counseling Services

Therapy: Individual, Children, Teens, Family,Parents, Adults, Couples

Workshops: Workshops for Kids, Secrets of Friendship, Alternatives to Anger, and others. See more information under SuccessStrategies4Kids on the side bar.

Public Speaking:
For parents, schools, or other organizations.  Previous speaking engagements include: Naropa, Elementary school classrooms (friendship & bullying), PEN Parent Engagement Network

The following Therapy Packages are available:

Intensive Therapy: For children, families, parents or individuals in crisis who need immediate attention.  One or two sessions per week, each session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on need.

Working through: A chance to make solid gains and achieve therapy goals. One session each week.

Moderate Support: Supportive therapy to help maintain good functioning and reinforce gains.  One session every other week or two weeks on/two weeks off.

Maintenance: Check-in periodically for support and realignment.
May be one session monthly or two to three weekly sessions every 3 or 4 months

Occasional Tune-Ups:  A chance to come as needed or when under stressful, unusual situations, or during a stressful time of year. Designed to help get clarity and support in working through an immediate or temporary issue.  Some clients find “booster sessions” helpful, and I generally view periodic “check ups” as part of good self-care.

Counseling Philosophy

Counseling Policy Information