Dealing with Divorce

Dealing with Divorce

Regardless of how well parents handle divorce, children must still internally process the changes, the emotions that follow, the loss of the family as they knew it, and the beginning of a new definition of what family looks like in the future.

'Dealing with Divorce' is designed to help Kids through the complex process, through conversation, art, normalizing their feelings, and realizing that although family looks different, they are still loved and taken care of.
Themes of this class are:

  • Changes in life and families
  • Feelings people have as they go through changes
  • Strengths of their family and themselves
  • Support and love Kids can count on

This class runs longer than other classes, lasting 10 weeks

Regular Tuition: Early Registration:
$275. week of class $250. two weeks prior to class

If you are interested in this class, please sign up on the wait list. When there are enough people interested, we'll schedule the class and let you know. Click here to sign up.


Sherry Lewis