Holiday Stress Meltdown Tips

1- Be gentle and patient with yourself and your children
* Grant space for what ever feelings may come up.
* There doesn't have to be a right way or wrong way to do things.
* The 'things' that matter most are not things at all.  They are the quality of how we live our life and the relationships we have. * Relax and enjoy who you are with.... including yourself. 

2- When upset, take time out. Don't yell. This is for the kids and the adults.  No one can think well when upset. Take time out to calm down and self-sooth before being around people again.  Don't dump your upset on others.  
3- Let go of expectations. They only cause stress. I tell teenagers going to Prom to let go of expectations and enjoy themselves. When they want 'the perfect date' or 'the perfect night' or even to 'look perfect' they end up miserable because nothing measures up and they miss out on all the fun to be had.  It's the same with holidays. Let them be what they are and just enjoy what is there to enjoy.  It won't be perfect!