Make Homework Easier

Make Homework Easier

Homework is a source of conflict in many homes. Here are some strategies to help reduce conflict and use it as an opportunity for building life skills.

1-Change Homework time to "Study Time"

One way kids avoid homework is to "not have any," not remember, or forget it at school. If there is a regular study time, regardless of homework, those arguments don't work.

When no homework is due tomorrow, study time can be used to work on a project due in the future, study for a test, review notes, reading, or organize school work or backpack.

2- Regular Routine

Keep study time in the same location of the house and same time of day as much as possible. The more regularity, the less hassles you will have.

3- Set-up

Teach kids to "set-up" or prepare before starting homework. Have them check to see if they have their supplies, water, etc., before starting. With help, this habit can carry over to all areas of life, reducing their dependance on you.

4- Use a Timer

Use the timer to make it a game, to plan breaks, and to break it down into smaller more manageable amounts of study time. That is part of the appeal of video games. Success is a series of smaller achievements. If it's fun, it will work better.

5-Launching Pad


It doesn't do a lot of good to do the homework if it's left at home. Have a location where everything that need go is put. I call this a launching pad and I still use it today. As soon as homework is done, it, along with everything else that needs to go to school, is put on the launching pad. This can include things like shoes, coat, gloves, etc.

Sherry Lewis