Stop Yelling! 5 questions to ask yourself

      Yelling is a bad habit any of us can fall into, often out of frustration.
It doesn't work, but it does cause damage to people and relationships.
Here are 5 questions to ask yourself about yelling.

1- Is is working? Am I getting the results I wanted?
      Is behavior improving in this area?
2- Would I allow someone else (a teacher or neighbor)
       to treat my child this way?  Why not?
3- Would I treat other people this way? (co-workers, neighbors)
4- What ARE the results of my yelling?
     *Lower self-esteem, *lower self-confidence, *shame,   
     *embarrassment. *damaged relationships, *increased anger.
Words can either hurt or heal. 
         The impact can last forever. 
                What do you want to use your words for?

5- What can I do instead?
*Re-teach, *retrain, *do it together, *turn it into a game,
*problem-solving together when everyone is calm,
*logical consequences, *give yourself a time out until you are calm.