5 ways to help your child Getting Out the Door On Time.

   Is it possible?  I actually remember getting in trouble as a child for "making us late."  You may too. What would have helped me then?  
1- Clarify your expectation.  I didn't have the bigger picture of what the goal was. I didn't know what time we needed to leave, what being ready looked like. I wasn't part of the solution. I was sent to my room to 'get ready'  and was expected to come out ready to go.  Even  as an adult, I don't do that successfully all the time. Have you ever forgotten your check book, diaper bag, lunch, etc.?  'Getting ready' is a skill that can be taught, step-by-step.
2- Teach the skill. Just making the statement, 'go get ready' doesn't really tell what you want to have happen.  Take the time (when not in a rush) to explain your expectations of what being ready includes and discuss how much time is needed.  Make kids part of the solution and use their ideas too. Then they'll be much more apt to try to make it work.
3- Make it visual.  Use charts, lists, & pictures to help kids remember each thing they need to accomplish to 'be ready.' We do that as adults too. 

4-Launching Pad.  Have a regular place for each person to put the things they need to take with them. I use a launching pad for myself. When I remember something I'll need, I get it and put it in my location, so when I walk out the door, it's there waiting for me. 
5- Make it fun, a game, a competition.  
Reward success.  We get more of what ever we focus on.  You can focus on the problems and mistakes OR on the small successes. What do you want more of?