Success Strategies 4 Kids Workshops & Topics

Building Personal and Social Skills

Helping Kids have Healthy
Friendships, Feelings & Families

Success Strategies 4 Kids

is about
Empowering Kids to Succeed in Life by 
Building Personal and Social
Skills & Strategies

I help you have calm, confident kids
with skills to function well in the world.


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    • Families
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Success Strategies 4 Kids
is making Emotional
Literacy skills
accessible & available to kids.

These skills impact, and in large part,
determine happiness, and even success of any individual's life.

What is Emotional Literacy  &  
Why does it matter?

The term Emotional Literacy is often used interchangeably with Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ). Emotional Quotient refers to IQ.  There are differing opinions on the exact definition, but all agree on the importance that
EQ is more important than any other factor in success and happiness in life.